Sales Performance Management

Managing The Critical Success Factors

A client was experiencing a common problem among businesses: the company had struggled to consistently meet its annual sales objectives. A few sales people blew away their annual quotas, a large group of sales people where in the 50% range, and the balance well below quota. Concurrently, the business was focused on aggressively shifting to higher-growth product offerings which required different sales motions and pre-sales support requirements.

Sales Outcomes helped the business realize one of the keys to improving sales performance — sales managers needed to actively manage and coach each sales person via regularly scheduled pipeline reviews. To that end, we developed a comprehensive performance management dashboard in for the sales people and sales manager so they could focus on the critical drivers of sales performance.

Selected metrics included in the sales performance management dashboard included:

  • Close ratio
  • Opportunity Contact and Activity
  • YTD and Forecast performance
  • Value of active versus advanced pipeline
  • Product offering penetration
  • Visibility to stale opportunities

We conducted training sessions with the sales people and sales managers on how to use the dashboards for coaching, development, and self-evalaution of performance versus objectives. To enforce adoption and ensure performance improvement, we also trained the executive leadership team to use the same dashboards for their reviews with sales managers. As a result, the business was able to identify early which sales people needed more coaching, development and resources to achieve their objectives.