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We have enhanced the sales & marketing execution of companies by addressing and transforming their strategy, operations, performance management, and leadership.



Global Deployment

Leveraging The Best CRM                             

We’ve helped companies deploy in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, and Europe for user populations of over 2,000 users.  Our focus is on helping business owners configure for maximum business impact through high adoption rates and the use of dashboards to manage the business.

Selected Solution Highlights:

  • Configuration and deployment of modules including Leads, Accounts, Contact, Opportunities, Contracts, Assets, Account Planning, Forecasting and Territory Management
  • Integrations with Xactly compensation software, data warehouse, campaign management, customer satisfaction processes, internal and external demand generation and win-loss reviews.
  • Multi-language support
  • Standardization of business processes among business units and countries
  • Training and coaching for initial deployment and ongoing adoption
  • Reporting and dashboards to integrate and manage marketing and sales execution

We believe that is the leading CRM and sales automation firm.  We specialize in helping companies leverage the investment in to drive significant gains in business performance through improved marketing and sales execution.

Sales Outcomes is a Silver Partner and we are listed on the AppExchange.


Sales Performance Management

Managing The Critical Success Factors

A client was experiencing a common problem among businesses: the company had struggled to consistently meet its annual sales objectives. A few sales people blew away their annual quotas, a large group of sales people where in the 50% range, and the balance well below quota. Concurrently, the business was focused on aggressively shifting to higher-growth product offerings which required different sales motions and pre-sales support requirements.

Sales Outcomes helped the business realize one of the keys to improving sales performance — sales managers needed to actively manage and coach each sales person via regularly scheduled pipeline reviews.  To that end, we developed a comprehensive  performance management dashboard in for the sales people and sales manager so they could focus on the critical drivers of sales performance.

Selected metrics included in the sales performance management dashboard included:

  • Close ratio
  • Opportunity Contact and Activity
  • YTD and Forecast performance
  • Value of active versus advanced pipeline
  • Product offering penetration
  • Visibility to stale opportunities

We conducted training sessions with the sales people and sales managers on how to use the dashboards for coaching, development, and self-evalaution of performance versus objectives.  To enforce adoption and ensure performance improvement, we also trained the executive leadership team to use the same dashboards for their reviews with sales managers.   As a result, the business was able to identify early which sales people needed more coaching, development and resources to achieve their objectives.

Marketing & Sales Strategy Alignment

Fixing the Strategy-Selling Gap

A client launched a consulting practice to support and complement its core service offerings, and to gain access to more strategic-level contacts within its clients. The marketing team developed promotional and training materials for the sales organization so they would be able to promote the consulting offering along with the company’s other product and services. Six months later, there was limited sales pipeline activity for the consulting offering and it appeared that the sales organization did not understand the importance of introducing the offering to clients.

Our team quickly identified several areas of disconnect between marketing and sales that contributed to the lack of success with the introduction of consulting services. The major areas of disconnect included:

  • The dollar value of potential consulting projects was small relative to other opportunities within the client, so sales people wanted to focus on larger value opportunities to improve chances of making quota.  Potential commissions where also small in the minds of the sales people.
  • Sales people where neither equipped nor comfortable in shaping the value proposition for consulting, particularly since they did not see the consulting work leading to other immediate opportunities with the client. To effectively sell consulting services, sales people needed to be able to understand and explain to clients several potential commercial models to fund the consulting work.
  • Most of the company’s clients viewed them as a service provider, rather than a consulting firm.  In fact, some of the types of consulting work that the sales people were pitching, the client was accustomed to receiving for free in the past.

The marketing team had developed the promotional and marketing materials with the best of intentions.  However, they lacked the expertise to understand the tip-of-the-revenue-spear challenges that the sales people encountered in promoting the consulting offering.  We helped the company rebuild the promotional and training materials to address the sales person challenges.  Additionally, we developed a special incentive program that motivated the sales people to sell consulting services that did not conflict with selling the company’s other services. Within ninety days of the re-launch of the consulting offering, several large and strategic consulting engagements were secured, which eventually allowed the company to sell other services to the client.

Sales Compensation Transformation

Clarity and Simplicity

A company we worked with had struggled to improve sales performance, and they believed one of the contributing factors was a complicated sales compensation plan that made it difficult for sales people to determine how much they would earn on a specific opportunity.  Furthermore, the administration of the plan was heavily manual, prone to mistakes and consumed significant amounts of time from sales, sales leadership, finance and the compensation organization.

The first phase was to simplify the compensation plan so it would be easier to administer and drive the desired behavior from the sales team. The new compensation plan provided clarity to the sales person on how to maximize their earning potential, and it aligned with the company’s key priorities for growth, retention and profitability.

The second phase was to transition from the manual, spreadsheet-based process for calculating and paying commissions, to an automated process with Xactly compensation system that we integrated with the company’s sales force automation system.  The new processes and integration significantly reduced administrative headcount, eliminated errors, and provided the sales team an easy-to-use interface and reporting for their incentive payments